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Great Taste!

It smells and tastes EXACTLY like birthday cake! No disappointment here! Highly reccomend !


This flavour is simply amazing! It tastes exactly how i would expect it too!


A Big Help

If you’re trying to quit smoking this would be the flavour for you It was for me!


At Liquid E-juice, our customers and our clients are always, the centrepiece of everything we do. Everything we create is done with the customer in mind, as such, all the flavours and products we produce are carefully crafted based on our customers’ desires. Using the highest quality ingredients, our vape juice is of exceptional quality and is second to none. We take our time and put immense effort into providing you with the greatest concoctions of tastes and flavours of any eliquid available. Being the leading E-juice manufacturer in Canada and carrying the hottest and most popular brands, our quality assurance is top notch. Through our online vape shop, Liquid E-juice only offers products of the highest possible quality, that must meet and pass without obstacle, our very strict standards. Our uniqueness is exemplified by our innovations. When you are the first to do anything, this comes with the greatest of pressure, to uphold a standard that you set, and you alone can exceed. As the first Canadian E-juice company to fully manufacture e liquid juice within a fully GMP certified facility, and using only top USP grade ingredients for our products, there is no shortage of quality, and our 10s of thousands of our customers can concur. In a saturated market, there is plenty of competition, so we let our product do the talking, and it delivers, effortlessly, every time. We are here to create something that will set the bar so high, to the point where any other vape eliquid becomes naturally inferior. Usually, a product made with the utmost quality comes with an equally hefty price, therefore meaning that affordability sacrifices quality. However, we managed to turn this equation on its head, by creating the most high-quality E-juice products on the Canadian market, all without sacrificing quality whatsoever, and quality is what we have unequivocally delivered. Created with pure passion, using the highest quality ingredients, with the customer at the center of it all, one cannot go wrong with our E-juice product selections.


Vaping 101: Everything you need to know

If you are about to start vaping and are unsure where or how to start, this guide will contain everything you need to know to start vaping today. There are plenty of smoking devices and vape eliquids to choose from, too many options can sometimes be confusing, therefore we are here to help you make the right choice for you in order to start vaping safely. Within a single smoking device (E-cigarette), there are multiple components. First, the battery. It powers the e-cigarette in order to vaporize the e-juice to make it inhalable. Second, the tank (vaporizer). The tank contains the e-juice and something called a coil, which heats up to vaporize the e-liquid whenever the battery is turned on. Now let’s talk about the eliquid itself; it comes in various nicotine strengths to none at all. The e-liquid also comes in a vast variety of flavours, from coffee to chocolate, to baked goods and cereals, and many more. Vape devices in general, also have a variety to them, for example, cigalikes, which are the first generation vaping device that had the same look and feel like traditional cigarettes. Such devices are built to be disposable, meaning that once the e-liquid runs out, the cigalike is to be discarded. This device is considered to be a good start for beginners and is available at most gas stations and convenience stores.


The most effective way to stop smoking

Another vaping device is called the vape pen; it is built larger the first generation cigalike, and is also comprised of two removable parts, the tank as well as the battery. It is not bigger just for the sake of bigger equals better, but a bigger vaping device with detachable battery and e-liquid tank means that the battery can hold a lot more charge, and the tank is refillable, as such you can smoke for longer, minus all the additional waste of disposing of. The last vaping devices we will talk about here are vape mods; they are different than other devices with their unique customizability in order to fine-tune your vaping experience. It is so unique and different, where you can customize the voltage, to create bigger clouds, and control the flavor of each hit. With a bigger tank and a bigger battery, you can enjoy your vaping device for an extended period of time, compared to the previously mentioned devices. Now let’s talk about health. E-cigarettes being bad for you is a grand misconception. Public Health England found that smoking e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain around 4000 chemicals that are found to cause cancer, birth defects, and poisoning. As for most e-liquids on the market, they have a total of 4 ingredients, all of which approved as safe by the FDA, and vapor that is exhaled is exactly that, water vapor. In sum, as long as you buy your vape juice from a reputable retailer, there has been not a single scientific study proving vaping, to be harmful. So do not hesitate to go to our online vape shop, and stock up on those delicious and safe vape juices. Happy vaping.